Recovery of the Real Fábrica de Paños de Brihuega, Guadalajara


Industrial Architecture

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de la Hoz Martínez, J. de D. (2021). Recovery of the Real Fábrica de Paños de Brihuega, Guadalajara. Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, (2), 96–111.


The Real Fábrica de Paños (Royal Cloth Factory) is one of the most outstanding buildings of the industrial architecture of the 18th Century. However, after the textile activity ceased and the building was gradually abandoned, it is currently in a state of ruins. This made it urgent to intervene on it. As this is a historic building, the strategy was based on the use of traditional materials and techniques, respectful and compatible with the environment, and on the recovery, conservation and reuse of most of the existing constructive elements, in order to solve the existing structural and humidity problems and to enhance the value of the building.


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