H. George Fink Studio, Coral Gables, Florida


Historic preservation
Adaptive reuse
Early Mediterranean Revival
Garden city

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Martinez, F., Alvarez, A., & Kiliddjian, P. (2022). H. George Fink Studio, Coral Gables, Florida. Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, (3), 74–93. https://doi.org/10.51303/jtbau.vi3.587


This article discusses the challenges associated with the preservation and hurricane code compliance of a significant 1920s Mediterranean Revival building in South Florida: the H. George Fink Studio. It is seen as the first Mediterranean Revival building in Coral Gables, Florida. Though almost 100 years old, most of its significant original elements and finishes are intact, providing a special opportunity to preserve those elements and finishes. Martinez Alvarez Architecture and partners performed a thorough on-site assessment, documentation and study of contemporary buildings in order to arrive at a final strategy for preservation and adaptive reuse. The firm also prepared construction documents for permitting and provided construction administration services for the final project, all the while managing the project team of conservators, engineers, and craftspersons.



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