Dar Al Uquod: A Traditional House in Amman


Building crafts
Stone architecture
Courtyard house

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Abu-samra, M. A. (2022). Dar Al Uquod: A Traditional House in Amman. Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, (3), 158–181. https://doi.org/10.51303/jtbau.vi3.592


When in 2018 I discovered the traditional houses of Fez, Morocco, I decided to build a house for myself in Amman, Jordan, following the same principles of traditional architecture. To do this I first had to train a team of craftspeople, accustomed to working with reinforced concrete, who needed to rediscover the neglected principles of traditional construction trades, especially stonemasonry. This text is a summary of the experience of the past three years in which a small team of motivated architects and builders has been able to erect a complete house, from foundations to vaults, following traditional principles.

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