Maguey Leaf Kitchens in the Mezquital Valley, Hidalgo


Vernacular architecture
Traditional knowledge

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Argüello, R., & Enríquez de los Ríos, P. (2022). Maguey Leaf Kitchens in the Mezquital Valley, Hidalgo. Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, (3), 219–226.


The Otomi communities in the Mezquital Valley in the Mexican state of Hidalgo build their homes using the region’s natural materials, such as the maguey plant, which has a vital role in the gastronomy and lifestyle of these indigenous communities. This paper offers a description of several construction systems characteristic of the region, highlighting the traditional Otomi kitchen. As well as questions of architecture and building, it analyzes the geographical sphere and social dynamics of Otomi communities. It also describes the political and environmental issues linked to these traditional building systems today along with the efforts being made to document them in view of their identity-related, cultural and architectural significance.


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