The need for new approaches to the study of traditional architecture in the process of architectural education


Serbian architecture
Teaching architecture
Building tradition

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Radivojevic, A., & Dukanovic, L. (2020). The need for new approaches to the study of traditional architecture in the process of architectural education. Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, (1), 288–294.


When modernizing the curricula at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Belgrade, some fields of study have been somewhat neglected, including the teaching of traditional architecture, which is currently studied only at a basic level. Many students complete their education without adequate knowledge in this field, and this has affected the current situation of architectural practice in Serbia. Two optional courses were initiated to try to fill this gap, with different approaches to the study of traditional architecture. One course focuses on the study of traditional building techniques and materials related to the historical building context. The other course explores the correlation between traditional and sustainable architecture, following the idea that the latter is closely connected to traditional architecture. These teaching experiences, their problems and their outcome will be presented in this paper.


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