No. 1 (2020): Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism
Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism

This magazine is aimed at all those people and institutions interested in traditional building, architecture and urbanism. Its articles are related to the theory and practice of these disciplines. Its objective is to promote the creation of places and buildings that are in harmony with the local culture and tradition and that are respectful of the environment and its natural resources. It also aims to provide a better knowledge of the traditional constructive cultures of the various regions of the world and, with it, a greater respect towards them that may contribute to their better preservation and to their continuity.

Full Issue


Mohamad Hamouié
25 - 39
Urban Regeneration in Al Balad, Jeddah Historic District
Ong-Ard Satrabhandhu
40 - 47
Rachamankha Hotel, Chiang Mai
Antonio Gandano
48 - 57
A new hut in Medina Sidonia, Cádiz
Lluc Mir Anguera
58 - 67
Dry stone in the Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca: An example of modern public work
Melissa DelVecchio, Arianne Kouri
68 - 81
Research, Craft, and Production: The Entryway Gates at Benjamin Franklin and Pauli Murray Colleges at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Scott Merrill
82 - 89
Pelican Island Housing, Florida
Ximena Karla Santa Cruz Mérida, Mario Javier Moscoso Villanueva
90 - 99
Restoration of the Discalced Carmelites Convent of Saint Teresa, Cochabamba
Ionas Sklavounos, Panos Kostoulas, Grigoris Koutropoulos, Christoforos Theocharis, Mina Kouvara
100 - 111
Kalderimi X2, Tzoumerka, Epirus: Paving the way for a new generation of craftspeople
Rodrigo de la Torre Martín-Romo, José María Rincón Arche
112 - 129
Restoration of the Roman Arch of Medinaceli, Soria
Oriol Roselló Viñas
130 - 139
When the construction process is just as important as the formal result: Can Buch, Sant Aniol de Finestres, Girona
José Baganha
140 - 147
Restoration of a building in Rossio, Lisbon
Uwe Schröder
148 - 161
The Story of the Tower on the Rems, Plüderhausen
Michael Imber
162 - 169
Ocean Tower at Alys Beach, Florida
Fernando Martín Sanjuan
170 - 189
A career devoted to enhancing the beauty and distinctiveness of Écija, Seville
Elena Jiménez Sánchez, Abelardo Linares del Castillo Valero
190 - 199
Ad Fontes: An urban renewal project in the area around the Church of Santa María in Alzira, Valencia
Ramón Andrada González-Parrado, Alfonso Zavala Cendra
200 - 209
On solid earth: Around the Alcazaba of Guadix, Granada
Eva Niño Mendizábal, Elia San Román Vázquez, Carmen Carral Pérez
210 - 219
Hydrangea: Retrieval of a forgotten corner of Santiago de Compostela


Carmen Moreno Adán, Raquel Peña López, Oriol Domínguez Martínez
222 - 234
Restoration of the historic libraries of Chinguetti, Mauritania
Martina Bocci, Beatriz Yuste
235 - 240
Recovering the heritage and building traditions of the village of Tacora, Chile
Anjan Mitra, Saptarshi Mitra
241 - 246
Responsible Design Practice for Collective Living
Arezoo Khazanbeig, Amirreza Azadeh, Sonia Beygi, Niloofar Ghobadi, Nima Tabrizi
247 - 254
Workshop on Regeneration: Project Taar-2, Isfahan Province, Iran
Luis Prieto Prieto
255 - 260
“Trabadillo”, the marriage between lime and gypsum: A forgotten recipe
Dhiru Thadani
261 - 266
Drawn to travel
Lucien Steil
267 - 270
A Proposal for Elephant Square, London
Maurizio Cesprini, Ken Marquardt
271 - 276
The Canova Association: “Historical Continuation” and the Rebirth of Two Northern Italian Villages
Isadora Hastings García, Gerson Huerta García, Lizet Zaldivar López
277 - 282
The reconstruction of bahareque cerén kitchens based on the traditional knowledge of the communities of Oaxaca, Mexico
Fellipe Decrescenzo Andrade Amaral
283 - 287
Preserving Brazilian vernacular architecture: The need for a different approach
Ana Radivojevic, Ljiljana Dukanovic
288 - 294
The need for new approaches to the study of traditional architecture in the process of architectural education
Manuel Fortea Luna, Celia Loarte La Orden
295 - 300
The delicate intervention in the structure of historic buildings: the case of San Millán de los Balbases, Burgos
Martina Bocci, Redina Mazelli
301 - 308
In search of a contemporary hyaku-sho
Francisco Uviña Contreras, Luis Fernando Guerrero
309 - 314
“TICRAT” International Workshops: 26 Years Disseminating Sustainable Traditional Techniques for the Conservation of Earthen Architecture
Mansi Bharati Dilip Aher, Aditi Deshpande
315 - 322
Gastronomic identities and urbanism
Roy John De Guzman, Juan Carlos Cham
323 - 330
Letanía: Architectural documentation of the retablos of San Agustin Church in Manila
Leon Krier, Moritz Schwarz
331 - 341
Interview with Léon Krier

Research papers

Imanol Iparraguirre Barbero, Aritz Díez Oronoz, Ander Caballero Lobera
344 - 356
From Nueva Sangüesa to Ayegui: The continuity of a classical city model
Shajeea Shuja, Rabela Junejo
357 - 368
Appropriating Indo-Saracenic style: Bhai Ram Singh’s contributions to the architectural identity of 19th century Lahore
Martin Horácek
368 - 382
Protecting life: The common goals of nature reserves and architectural heritage sites
Janardhan Rao Havanje, Caroline D’Souza
383 - 394
Kaavi Kalé: The indigenous architectural ornamentation technique of the Konkan Coast, India
José Manuel López Osorio, Javier Lara García, Sara Peñalver Martín
395 - 410
Water and architecture in the Alpujarra region of Granada (Spain): An approach to the hydraulic systems of fountains and washing places of the region
Fellipe Decrescenzo Andrade Amaral
411 - 420
The city before its patrimonialization: Urban configuration of Mucugê, Bahia, Brazil
Vikramaditya Singh Rathore, Jahnavi Kantamneni, Ajinkya Jamadar, Subham Anupam, Devanshi Kachchap
421 - 433
Manifestations of traditional knowledge in water systems: The cases of the Kuchaman Fort and Rathi Haveli, Rajasthan
María de los Ángeles Vizcarra de los Reyes
434 - 446
Lessons for relearning traditional know-how: Rammed earth walls of Tepeyahualco region, in Mexico
Francisco Javier Castilla Pascual, David Cejudo Loro, Teodoro Sánchez-Migallón Jiménez
447 - 462
Study of the dovecotes as a characteristic element of the traditional architecture of La Mancha, Spain
Adis Kovacevic
463 - 473
Methodologies for the study of a vernacular built environment within a historic residential complex: The case of the village of Gornji Stoliv, Montenegro
Luis Fernand Guerrero, Isadora Hastings
474 - 484
Transference of sustainable preservation techniques for building adobe dwellings in Ixtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico
M. Wesam Al Asali, Michael Ramage
485 - 497
Learning through building: Approaches to craft training in thin-tile vaulting
Luis Fernando Guerrero, Maridel María Martínez Barreiro
498 - 508
Traditional use of mortars with chucum on the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico
Komal Rokka, Sanjeev Singh
509 - 525
Reconfiguring the traditional knowledge system for providing earthquake resistance: The case of post-disaster reconstruction of Khokana Village, Nepal
Nadia Campadelli, Enzo Puglisi
526 - 538
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Teaching: Historical-Architectural Research on Piazza Vittoria, Brescia
Sanjeev Singh, Saurabh Popli
539 - 550
Phenomenology of vernacular environments: Wancho settlements in Arunachal Pradesh, in the north east of India
Robert Adam
551 - 561
The role of evolution and invention of tradition in identity and the built environment