Manifestations of traditional knowledge in water systems: The cases of the Kuchaman Fort and Rathi Haveli, Rajasthan


Rajput architecture
Water tanks

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Singh Rathore, V., Kantamneni, J., Jamadar, A., Anupam, S., & Kachchap, D. (2020). Manifestations of traditional knowledge in water systems: The cases of the Kuchaman Fort and Rathi Haveli, Rajasthan. Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, (1), 421–433.


Water scarcity in the arid region of Rajasthan incentivized a sophisticated indigenous knowledge of water systems. This traditional knowledge, which was rooted in this geographical context, supported the prosperity of this region for centuries. The systemic degradation of this knowledge has increased the demand for external resources, leading to a constant need for expanding infrastructure. It is therefore time to look back to this traditional wisdom in search of sustainable alternatives. This study focuses on traditional water conservation systems in the purview of the spatial planning and the architectural elements in the Fort and the Rathi Haveli of Kuchaman, Rajasthan. These two traditional complexes have been studied for the interest and similarities found in the way they manage their water resources. This study highlights the timeless simplicity of the identified indigenous strategies and envisions possible manifestations of this knowledge for contemporary practice.


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