Gastronomic identities and urbanism


Gastronomic culture
Traditional Urbanism

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Dilip Aher, M. B., & Deshpande, A. (2020). Gastronomic identities and urbanism. Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, (1), 315–322.


Culinary heritage, an edible identity, is a manifestation of the culture and urban life of a place. Most traditional food practices continue to flourish in historic urban settings as a result of the interplay between the spatial design and the socio-cultural practices. This essay explores these interconnections between gastronomic and architectural heritage through the lens of traditional urbanism. It emphasizes the importance of gastronomic culture within wider urban networks, bringing vibrancy and community engagement to traditional shared public spaces which host a wide range of activities. This symphony of traditions can also help us to achieve a sustainable and richer cultural life. They could become a model to upgrade modern spatial design practices, which are usually based on mere convenience or individual benefit.


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