Form not Content Dictates the “Smart” City


Urban theory
Fossil Fuel

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Thadani, D. (2021). Form not Content Dictates the “Smart” City. Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, (2), 231–240.


Over the past 50 years, decision-makers, laypersons, scientific communities, and design professions have repeatedly warned of the impending climate crisis caused by overdependence on fossil fuels. The environmental prophets have admonished that mother earth is on the brink of catastrophe. In response, scientific wizards have boasted that technocratic solutions will save the day. The evidence clearly indicates that a drastic change in policies, lifestyle, and consumption habits is necessary if there is to be a livable world for future generations.  Urbanism is the most efficient form of habitation. Embracing and legislating for the traditional pattern of urbanism which is supported by Wi-Fi technology is the livable and sustainable prescription to address climate change and the global dependence on fossil fuels.
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